This Directory lists over 65 services that our members provide between them, but if you look at our profiles you will find that there are lots more detailed and specific services, therapies and treatments offered by individual practitioners.

Which you choose is up to you.  Search either by a service you know or would like to try, or alternatively search our directory for conditions whose symptoms you require support with.  Either way, you will then be presented with a list of practitioners and a list of the specific services they provide and are insured for.

Please contact practitioners directly to discuss the specifics of the services they offer – for example, there are many different types of massage – or how they may be able to help with the symptoms of your condition.  

If you have any problem using the directory, please contact us and we will help where we can but please note that we are unable to recommend specific practitioners or services.

So which practitioner / service should I choose?

Choose a practitioner that you feel drawn to based on the information that they provide and then contact them to discuss the services they offer in more detail.  If this confirms your feeling that you might like their support then book an initial consultation or appointment directly.

Some services are aimed at supporting ‘physical’ health conditions, others at ‘mental’ or ‘emotional’ conditions, and many are suitable for general wellbeing and not necessarily for support with any particular ‘condition’, but rather as part of a holistic approach to your own health and wellbeing.

A holistic approach to wellbeing is based on the principle that our physical, mental and emotional health are all connected.  So by addressing any of these aspects, we can in turn impact the others. Distinguishing between root cause and secondary or tertiary symptoms isn’t always easy; the primary cause for one person may be tertiary for another even though the presenting issues appear the same.


The listed practitioners can guide you and signpost you if necessary.  But when you need help, or to make a change, sometimes it’s just about starting somewhere…  So see our services list and search the directory to find practitioners that might be suitable for you.