About Forest Wellbeing

Initially established in 2016, we began as a social support network for like-minded Health & Wellbeing Practitioners and still are. We now meet monthly for business to business networking, less often but still regularly for social events, and have a closed Facebook group for mutual support with over 100 members.

If you are a Health & Wellbeing Practitioner based in the Forest of Dean and are interested in joining the group, or being listed on this directory, please see our FAQs on the Contact page or contact us for more information.

The Forest of Dean and Surrounding Area

We all live and / or work in the area shown on the map here. Some of us offer a mobile service whereas others are based at a particular premises. When searching our directory, practitioners’ locations and whether they are mobile will be indicated.

About this Directory

To be listed on the Directory practitioners need to meet the Forest Wellbeing criteria, which include being recommended and insured for the services they list.  This is verified by the Committee, which currently comprises eight Forest Wellbeing members who meet regularly to discuss the promotion of the Forest Wellbeing group.

Behind the directory, we are a support network for each other as we all recognise the importance of our own health and wellbeing.  We also cross refer and signpost to other Forest Wellbeing practitioners and services whenever we feel this would benefit our clients and their wellbeing goals.

We present information that should enable you to decide if a service or practitioner may be suitable for you, and then list contact details for you to get in touch with practitioners directly.  We do not recommend nor promote any specific service nor practitioner.

Please see the example search results panel here, hovering on the dots by each section for further information on what each section means.

Please Note: We indicate whether practitioners have had Disclosure Barring Service checks.  These are basic (DBS) or enhanced (EDBS) checks on a person’s criminal record and can be used for any position or purpose.  It is at the practitioner’s discretion as to whether they apply for either a basic or enhanced DBS.  It is not a practitioner requirement, even for treating babies, children, young people or vulnerable adults as in these instances a parent or carer could be present during the course of the treatment.  For those who indicate they have current DBS /EDBS checks, we can confirm that we have visibility of this.

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Forest Wellbeing is not liable for the quality of any service or treatment that you receive.  Practitioners are responsible for the accuracy of their own listings and for the services they provide.  To the best of our knowledge, by checking the practitioner is insured to provide the services they list here, we understand that they are qualified to do so.  Although we insist on two references for every practitioner listed on this Directory this cannot ensure that they are suitable for your particular needs and we advise you to seek your own testimonials, references or referrals.

If we were to receive a complaint about anyone listed on this Directory, the Committee undertake to investigate it fully and, if deemed appropriate, that practitioner may be removed from the directory  temporarily or permanently.

The therapies and services listed on this directory are considered complementary and are in no way a replacement for a doctor or medical care where this is indicated.  Nor does Forest Wellbeing make claims about the ability of any service or practitioner to treat any particular condition. Rather it has been shown that a holistic approach to health can result in reduction in the severity or alleviation of symptoms associated with a large number of conditions.

Not all therapies are suitable for everyone and Forest Wellbeing advises you to discuss all aspects of your health with your chosen practitioner to ensure that their services are appropriate for you and your circumstances.