Services Overview

Soft Tissue Therapy assesses and works with soft tissue to aid repair or help reduce muscle tone to relieve stiffness, aches and pains  in order to achieve peak performance of the soft tissue. Soft Tissue Therapy involves the use of ANY manual soft tissue technique and Remedial exercises in order to achieve this for the best possible result. Cupping can also used along with tools and muscle testing techniques and exercises to help progress problematic areas. Soft tissue includes muscles, ligaments, tendons, organs and fascia.

Practitioner Profile

TLS Sports Massage and Remedial Therapy was founded in 2015 when I began studying at Oxford School of Sports Massage (OSSM).  I was in my last year as an Environmental Health Practitioner (EHP) in HM Forces, The Royal Army Medical Corps. The first year I attended a lot of event work with Athletes Angels to help improve my experience and expand my knowledge base even further before letting myself “loose” on the general public.   


I am an accomplished well rounded experienced Team Leader with a background in Army Health and its diversities with multinational multi cultural awareness from a variety of ventures in different environments.  Also an effective enabler, problem solver and skilled communicator committed to ensuring the  safety of the work-place. I am a knowledgeable and tenacious individual with an affability to be pragmatic.


I know my limitations and refer as necessary. I love the ethos the Forest of Dean Therapists have.  We all collaborate under Forest Wellbeing, including Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Neurokinetics, Physical Trainers, Acupuncturists and many Holistic Therapists.


I am passionate about people and helping them feel better.  My business is growing beyond expectation and my personal development as a result is also expanding. 


I also do a lot of work with Rugby For Heroes and had the honour to be their specialist for the last 2 years on the Armistice 100 and 300 ride, getting group of Cyclists, including Ex Pro and Military rugby players across France on bicycles which was a fun challenge.  I support the matches and courses where my diary allows.


I have in the last 4 years seen a lot of injuries and helped achieve a more rapid recovery than most of them expected. I treat a vast range of disciplines being the only Soft Tissue Therapist to date in the Forest of Dean. The majority of referrals are word of mouth.  I do a lot of business networking and at various sports clubs around the Wye Valley and the Forest of Dean.

Services Listed:

  • Cupping
  • Kinesio taping
  • Massage
  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Sports Massage

Conditions Supported:

  • Back neck or shoulder pain
  • Difficulty walking
  • Hip leg or knee Pain
  • Joint pain or dysfunction
  • Muscle Injury
  • Physical pain
  • Repetitive Strain Injury RSI
  • Restless legs or cramps
  • Sciatica
  • Whiplash